Technology for Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating and excruciating to a point where it prevents you from normal functioning on a day to day basis. Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes of work time lost in the United States? The most common causes of back pain include heavy or awkward lifting, bad posture and poor environment. Some other reasons include fractures, infection, inflammation and arthritis. Thankfully there are plenty of technologies to help relieve the symptoms and ease the pain.

Inversion Therapy

One of the most simplistic technologies to relieve back pain that can even be used at home is inversion therapy with the use of a good inversion table or chair.

Inversion, basically entails your head being higher than your feet. The traction force created by hanging and the head being lower than the feet decompresses the spinal discs. With regular decompression of the spinal discs in this way, you can relieve symptoms from spinal conditions like disc herniations, spinal stenosis, and degeneration.


TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation provides relief from acute joint and muscle pain, and the device can be bought over the counter. The device eases the pain by sending electrical impulses through the skin and along the nerves and in doing so prevents pain signals from reaching your brain. The stimulation also aids in the release of endorphins which is nature’s natural pain relief. Physical therapists often favour a combination of TENS therapy and heat therapy. This type of treatment includes multiple benefits: no need for painkillers or opioids with adverse effect; increased recovery time and a reduction of surgery-related complications.

There are various new surgical options available for sufferers of back pain including Radio frequency ablation, Cervical artificial disc replacement for the treatment of cervical disc pathology, bone graft options and more. However, with the rapid rise, we have seen in back pain issues over the last decade it is perhaps wise to consider the contributing factors that have led to this.

More and more, we are seeing people suffer from various pathologies as a result of strained environmental issues, lack of exercise, poor ergonomic situations, poor diet, bad posture related to the use of smartphones and too much time in front of computers and TV screens.

While new advances in science and technology hold the promise of great new ways to treat severe or chronic back pain, we must first and foremost address the underlying causes of these conditions. Prevention is better than cure.

To keep your spinal and general health at optimal levels, ensure you eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients required for a healthy body. Be mindful of your posture and develop healthy lifting habits. Avoid too much time spent with electronic devices and ensure you get plenty of exercises and good quality sleep. Take up mindfulness meditation, it has been shown to aid in pain management and will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and choices in the long term.

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