Smoothbeam Laser Treatments : New Ways to Treat Pimples

Nothing is more stressful than dealing with a pimple, especially a pimple occurs before important occasion. Pimples can be quiet noticeable on forehead or face, which makes you feel embarrassed. However, pimple, or acne, whatever you call them, is one of the most common skin disorder in the United States, affecting more than 40 million Americans. It can start as a young teen or as an adult. Pimples are caused by an accumulation of oily sebum and the hair, dirt and other materials.

Treating pimples is rarely an easy fix. In most cases, dermatologists have to identify the type of pimples so that give their patients right treatments and multiple sessions. In an attempt to get rid of these annoying zits, two methods, include laser treatments and best face wash products are recommended by every dermatologists. Each method for defeating pimples can be helpful, but there can be suitable for all people.

Until recently, a brand-new technology could change that, called Smoothbeam Skin Laser. In the future, people who are struggling with acne may be able to clean away pimples with this new technology.

How the Smoothbeam Skin Laser Works
The Smoothbeam laser is a revolutionary skin care tool that has been approved by the FDA to treat acne. This advanced non-invasive, multi-effect treatment uses a laser to target overactive sebaceous glands under your skin- destroy the root of pimples, and reversing some of the collagen loss as well. The patient doesn’t feel pain because of the built-in cooling system can protect your skin from damage.

Who can have Smoothbeam Laser Treatments?
The Smoothbeam is the best tool so far for people who want to minimize acne. It has been proved to suitable for all skin type. You may be told by your doctor that your skin type is the first thing you need to consider when you’re going to treat pimples as it decides which method will work for you. For people who have a darker skin tone, ask advices from your doctors first. To make sure the hyperpigmentation doesn’t occur, take a full Smoothbeam treatment is essential. You have to wait 4-12 months if your skin has had recent sun exposure or you’re taking an oral medication.

Risks and Side Effects
Smoothbeam treatment have been safely used for more than 20 years. In general, most procedures have a low risk of side effects. Typically, a reduction in acne can be seen even after the first treatment. Patients may experience some temporary discoloration. The occurrence of hyperpigmentation and skin tone alterations are two main effects of Smoothbeam Laser Treatments.

When should results be expected
Over 80% of your skin is made up of water. Additionally, every patient is different. Treatments are typically given 3-5 weeks apart. Smoothbeam smooths acne scars, depends on the types of skin, it always takes eight weeks at most for significant changes to occur.

How much does it cost?
The cost of Smoothbeam laser treatment varies. It depends on the experience of the doctor and the affected areas. On the average, laser treatment costs $700 to $800 per session.

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